Jim Metzger

New Member
What’s with the balloons over parts of CA, NV and ID?

They have a callsigns of HBAL266, HBAL293, HBAL425 etc and airline name of Trail Lake Flying Service.

When I try and research their information I can’t find anything. Any ideas at all?
And I have one right now off the East Coast of North Carolina. I just saw it and could find nothing about it. Did some looking and talking to a friend and found out what it was. HBAL439 is the one I am tracking. FL 630.

I am curious why the balloons I see always say they have an altitude of 15,000+ feet? I thought they were able to go like 3000 max?
Ah ha! That makes so much more sense. Thank you. So…is everyone on this app low key a conspiracy theorist or is that just me?