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Well as my English is a mess, to see if google translate well and you can enterder me my question ....

Right now I have installed BaseStation and pfclient to send data. Well, if I put on my computer PlanePlotter and set it up to send data necessary PlaneFinder pfclient also have installed?. or otherwise configured once sent directly to PlaneFinder.

Thank you very much to all.
I'm using RTL1090 to decode the data from the Dongle radio, and PFClient to link the data to PlaneFinder. (Total Up = 16129391).
The connection between RTL1090 (decoder) and PFClient is BS type link (BaseStation).

I have also used PlanePlotter (for 22 days) to display planes, using the TCP connection in RTL1090.
(I also linked a second copy of PlanePlotter, so I could display air traffic on an upstairs PC).

I looked at the PlanePlotter settings for sharing data and decided not to use them.
Since PFClient works very well. If there is a problem with the link, it will reconnect by itself.

You could try sharing data with PlaneFinder using PlanePlotter (Mark posted about this)
"It is really easy to share your data with Plane Finder. You can find this via --> Options--> Share -->Setup
Please let us know that you are doing this and also please don't forget to ask for some free apps!"

If you can't get the link to work, you can just go back to your old setup..
And you will likely be able to run PlanePlotter at the same time..

I'm currently using absbScope (it's free) on my Radio dongle PC and my upstairs Win7 PC, using the TCP connection..
Well thank you very much for your explanation, right now I'm using basestation + pfclient and if both the planeploter also see flights perfectly the issue is that I have no record and I guess that in order to share need to have registered, the truth is that I like and basestation truth is that the pfclient works perfect. I stick a nose job getting into my zone sids, stars, fixs, vors, tacans and intersections and stay perfect, while you got the application and ActiveDisplay the paid version. me and constantly updated information.

attached screenshots little job done

Now turn up the antenna to its final site and think smart.

I could tell you about those free apps you mean?.

Well, I said a pleasure and thank you again for your answer.

. final zaz.PNG zonea.PNG
I am not sure about the free apps. That post was by Mark Daniels, Administrator, from UK / Staff Member at PlaneFinder.

I did buy the PlaneFinder Iphone app called PF AR, a few months ago. But don't really use it much. My iPhone4 might be a little old for modern apps..
But right now, the app is working perfectly. I like using a Windows PC for tracking, it's much better that using a phone. More info can be displayed, in real-time.

I have already received a free antenna from Mark (it's really on loan to me), and I hope to be getting more equipment soon.
My dongle radio is pretty basic, and the new high performance receiver system from PlaneFinder will be stand-alone. No PC required. :)
I think it might come with a registered copy of Basestation. I hope! :)

Be careful installing that antenna! Think safety!
Richard hahaha no no thank god puts me antenna installer that I have, which was to install all the towers HF, 144 MHz and different bands for my radio. I will not go up there and crazy, I'll give the smack.

The autonomous system that you mean what Flightradar24 offered me, but I Attended Mark sensational with me and I will be totally faithful to planefinder. The truth is that if you take here would be awesome, because it really is the perfect solution.

Now I have thought of an idea that occurred to me yesterday and I'm going to start working on it, it can be wonderful, in that it can be difficult if not start if I do then I'm telling you so you can have her.

Itself is using a program that I have and that is used in FSX for creating flight plans, and tracked online flight and use it for tracked at flight data sends the puck, the level of information of airports also points Cruising is complete, so it is feasible via SimConnect able to use it, put some pictures attached to see such details. the issue is that while your flights in your area would capture also see flights sent by planefinder, I mean more or less like planeploter. and will tell you ..

zonal Vista

Details of the chosen area, notes that all airports, heliports, airfields also FIRS each sector are listed.
Expansion of the airport (in this case Barcelona), with details of gates and parking as well as details of taxiways

Information in real time meteorological each zone, as well as METAR.

Hugs and Hugs.