Beginner's question: why is there so few coverage sometimes?


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As a new member of planefinder I am just crawling through the jungle of ADS-B, FLARM, SSR and the consumers of this data.

However, when checking e.g. D-ESBG, it looks like the following:


But I am certain is was airborne way more often with e.g. FLARM and the SSR sending ADS-B both active.

What can be the reason for this?



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I'm not exactly sure what your question is, are you saying that this aircraft is flying more often than shown? I just checked on FlightRadar24 and it shows even less flights than shown in your post.


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The aircraft you've given is a private aircraft. Is it yours?

All other sites are showing a low activity on it as well. So very likely that it flies outside coverage from time to time (e.g. pretty low and not close to a receiver) or it's simply not flying that often.

Flightaware is able to find a little more activity, but not exceptional more you reported.