Change of Hardware Same Code??

Mike McCain

New Member
New to planefinder and could not find with search here.
I installed dump1090 mutability, piaware, and planefinder on my spare Pi setup that I use for development and have it working so far. I also feed flightaware which is keyed to MAC addresses. What I need to know is can I move my working SD card to my main feed Pi using the same planefinder code stored on that SD card?
I am trying to keep from having to add a new planefinder code which would be unnecessary. Both are at the same location so that would not be a problem with my move. Both hardware setups are based on Pi 3 processors.
This switch would give well over 150 miles additional coverage with my feeder.
Each operating hardware requires its own code if they are running at the same time. One will get blocked if you try using the same code simultaneously.

Nothing stopping you having up to 5 codes though. Just run through each as a new setup.