Changes to Planefinder Website?


New Member
Hi, there seems to have been a change to the navigation on the Planefinder website. I used to find the navigation to the page with the polar plots for my receiver a bit convoluted, but manageable. However, as of yesterday I can't find a way to navigate to that page. It still exists, as I have bee able to use my browser history to get there. Am I missing something?

Brian, VK6TGQ

Lee Armstrong

Staff member
Hi Brian,

Yes this is part of a long process to bring the site all back together under one roof!

The receivers are still listed under your account page -

However I have noticed that you used to be able to click on the share code to get to the page you mention and that is not there! Is that what you were thinking of?

We'll get that added back today as that was an oversight on our part there!