Changing Android app start-up location


New Member
When I open the Plane Finder Android app it shows Cape Town, which is one of my bookmarks but I only need to see it occasionally.

I'd like it to show either my current location via GPS, or if that isn't possible my home in East Sussex, UK (also bookmarked) but I've been unable to find a way to enable this. Is it possible? I'm sorry if it's obvious and I'm being dim! :confused:

Thanks for any help.

Hi Anita,

It looks like you've set Cape Town as your home location in the app by accident. Don't worry it is easily done but easy to fix too :)

Go into the bookmarks screen and press and hold on the bookmark you want to set as the home location. (You can also select "Current Location" too). Then you will see a home icon appear at the top. Tap this and a green banner should pop up saying home location set.

Hope this helps and let me know if you need more help,

Thank you so much, Lee. It's easy when you know how, isn't it!

I'm fairly new to smart phones and don't use many apps, but I'll now know what to try if I have similar problems elsewhere. :)