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Rather confused here, can any one shed some light on this please? I visit Kemble regularly, and back on 4th April this year, there were two Chinese Lucky Air 737s at Kemble, B5091 and 5092, one on each side of the Cathay Pacific 747 in the scrap area. B5092 was in a bad way, minus nose cone and engines as per this shot I took...

By May 23rd, she had been moved to outside the ASI hangar where she had regrown the nose cone and been painted differently on either side. This was her starboard side...

and this was her port side..

Now she's nowhere in sight, and hasn't been there for a couple of months. If she was due to be scrapped, then why go to the expense of repainting one side?
Thanks for the link Shine, I took a look. Funny thing is, Matt Falcus went there on the 29th Sep and said that B5092 was definitely there, whereas I visited on the 25th and there was no sign of her unless she was parked inside a hangar
B-5092 was the aircraft with the special scheme and was by the ASI Hangar. Last seen on 13th December 2013, but not on 11th January 2014.

B-5091 was scrapped in 2013. Seen on 19th August, but not 12th October.