Connection Failed


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Have Planefinder installed on both my Tablet and my Alcatel phone for over 1 year now.
Everything was fine and wkrking, and I do not and have not messed with " settings " on either device.

Just 1 week ago, planefinder stopped working on my phone
With a red bar on screen reading
Connection Failed.
I re installed the All and there was no change

All other apps and functions on my phone are working fine
And plainfinder is still working fine on my tablet

Can anyone help with advice
Today, 20th Feb
Plane finder has started to work on my phone
I did nothing to aid this fix, it has just come back on
I've been having this problem with my Galaxy S6 for a week or so and tried different things to no avail.
A friend with a different Samsung phone has the same problem but others don't.
I've even installed Planefinder again but when l try to open it it says 'flight tracker has stopped working'
Any help appreciated. Howard.
All I did was to check my tablet settings, where planefinder worked fine, and checked my phone settings were the same for this app.
They were the same, but my phone still have Connection Failed message
3 days ago, it came back on working fine
I suspect my phone had some feature auto update