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Hi every one

I just increased my antenna height 5m more,
but when I watch my new coverage comparing to the old . I saw them almost the same?

Im asking why?
When you raised your antenna, what height was it at before you went up the extra 5m? Were there any particular local obstructions that the new height would exceed? What coax are you using? An extra 5m will introduce some loss unless you have amplification at the antenna.

You might try using to produce a couple of "up in the air" profiles. Look to see how far the 40,000 ft perimeter moves when you increase antenna height. I did such an exercise here and found that I would gain negligible extra range from increasing antenna height. Mine is already clear of roofs and all local obstructions.

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Thanks for the info. No, you are are not going to seeing much improvement from increased height as your location is already clear of obstructions. On heywhatsthat I raised your antenna by another 50m to see how that affected things and your range increased by a very small amount.

Current maximum range...

After adding 50m to the height...

This is the edge of what you might see if it were at 40000 feet.