Data Output?...

My question is, with the new radar you kindly sent me, what data format do you get ?.

I say forever and had several rasperris connected to the different adsb your machines, and I use
ModeSMixer2 and Acardeco., which distributes the output information to several applications of mine, for example webs of tracking mias, airflightmap, etc. etc.

Now with the new radar and performed thousands of tests, and do not get me the output data in any way. So all my applications are unusable. However, planeplotter if you take such data.

Hugs from Spain, as always.

Lee Armstrong

Staff member

It is a custom format and at the moment PlanePlotter & VRS can connect to and decode the format. Other software developers are more than welcome to get in touch and we can assist there too.
So that, then, I can not with this apparatus, be able to connect to my other rasperris as before.

Well then this does not interest me. I think I've been with you for years, giving the data to you, always, but losing all my montage of several years, that's where I do not pass.

Tomorrow I will send an email to Marck, and I will return the entire team. I already have enough rasperris, so that I can receive, and do what I want with such data.

Thank you very much Lee.

Lee Armstrong

Staff member
No problem. We had to use our own format as all the existing formats could not contain a full timestamp field to nanosecond resolution. If we could we would have done.

That said the format is not a secret and the developers of VRS & PlanePlotter already integrate with it. Any other developers can reach out and we are more than happy to share!

I'll tell Mark to keep an eye out for your email.
Now to see as contact with the Russian, Modesmixer, to see if I will, and to retouch your program, to make everything work. Fuck with the new radar. Everything to the street.