Definition of "Location" in Alerts?


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Hi all,
I'm using Plane Finder app on iPhone and iPad. I see that Alerts can be set for specific aircraft for "Anywhere" or "Location". My quesiton relates to the definition "Location", that is, what does Plane Finder use as Location? The viewable area of the map at the point in time when the user set the alert? A pre-determined geographical area, say a radius, around the user's current location?
So far I've set a few alerts based on Location, but haven't figured out the boundary.
Any ideas?
Hi Jay,

It is the visible area of the map that you set when you created the alert. If a plane enters that box you get an alert.
Hi Lee,

Thanks! Do you know if there is any way to view the defined boundary/area of an alert that has already been set?

Also, I assume the "area" of the alert can either be either landscape or portrait, depending on the orientation of the map when the alert was set. Is that correct, or am I off-base on my assumption?
Go back in to edit that Alert and you'll notice you can interact with that map. Set it to whatever you like :)