Deleted Alert still 'pinging'

Steve Halter

New Member
I have the Plane Finder App on my Android phone.
I set up an alert for G-EUYY when BA to delivery. I deleted it from my list of alerts weeks ago, but it still 'pings' every time it enters the area i set up.
Why is still doing this and how can i get rid of it.
I've rebooted the phone, switched it off over night and it even done a software update, but it's still active and getting a bit annoying.

Can anybody help with this issue.
It is not just you, I am also facing the same problem. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app but it did not help. Obviously it is a bug that will have to be fixed.
Hi guys,
Sorry to read this - and fact I missed it until now!!
If this is still happening please can you send a screenshot of your alerts list to [email protected] and also please send us an in-app support message.

With thanks and regards,