Description of aircraft dump file content and URL to system/feeding status as JSON?


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Is there a description somewhere of all of the possible keys for an aircraft in the JSON file at http://localhost:30053/ajax/aircraft? Ideally that would also match the keys with the corresponding keys in the dump1090 aircraft JSON file.

Also, is there a JSON file available at a URL that gives local system & feed status?


This is not something that we publish as it is liable to change as we consider it a private interface.

Realistically though it has not changed in a few years and we typically extend rather than change. I know of quite a few people that poll that URL on their receiver for personal use.

As for status, only the Plane Finder Radar hardware units provide that endpoint.
Thanks for the response. I would also like to poll it. ;-) I understand your reasoning, though.

If someone who is currently polling it would be willing to discuss the topic with me, I'd appreciate it.