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I'm have recently started to send data to PlaneFinder. I discovered that a Raspberry Pi with DUMP1090 can feed data to two (or more) websites. In my case, PlaneFinder and FlightRadar24. I have one feed coming from work (on roof of FedEx facility) at Houston Intercontinental. The second feed is from the house. The house feed distance is very limited because of low antenna height vs trees.

Anyway...... I have found a way to stream a desktop image of feed information in RTMP format. This stream can be viewed via your own network or the internet with VLC (I'm sure there are other viewers also).

I placed my house stream on my site's home page.

I also made a forum entry discussing the steps needed to set up and activate DUMP1090 and the feeds, but also to discuss starting a stream.

I would be more than happy to display your own stream on the site if anyone would be interested in trying one.
Nice work Mark,

Any way to make it not use Flash at all seeing as that is being retired. (It was an effort to get my browser to enable it!)
Joomla website. Everything built with extensions. This particular extension only offers a Flash display. I found another that can use HTML5. Maybe that would be a better option.

I found any Chromium based browser (Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave) has issues displaying the feed. I'll look into switching over to the HTML5 extension.
Great work, well done Mark.

I have built a flashed based audio player for personal use about 12 years ago when tablets and smart phones were not common.

With advent of Smart phones and tablets, which did not allow flash, I created another one using html-5 audio player. Both players are on my private website, and are funtional.

When I compare the performance on desktop/laptop and on Android phone (using Dolphin, the only flash-enabled browser on Google play), the flash is much superior in connecting and downloading audio files from server. Seems rtmp protocol used by Flash is superior to http protocol used by html-5.
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@Mark francis
Your Site viewed on my Android phone using browser Dolphin.

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I appreciate the kind words. I'm not by any means skilled with any of this. I dig to find the tools that work for me. Building a site with Joomla (or Word Press) has been a learning curve. The puzzle pieces have already been built, I just tried to put them together. I don't know coding and I have to call up a guru in Montreal to dig out and correct coding errors (usually occurs with Joomla updates and my extensions become incompatible. [I love the visitor map at the bottom of the page, but that thing has been a major pain]).

The site itself is not set up for phones. Viewable, but not pretty.

Even for regular desktop browsers, it's purpose was not to be pretty. I want it rough to make it easier for people to post on it without feeling like their posts are weak. It's all about troubleshooting "properly". A skill set that is certainly lacking these days.

Unfortunately, there are very few members and I'm the only one posting. If it could grow, it possibly could be "the" go-to site for folks with aircraft system specific problems. The .aero suffix is killing me as far a Google searches go.

As far as the protocols mentioned above, I'm torn. Flash is visible on Firefox and Explorer, but not Chrome (without plug-in). I have found an extension with a HTML5 output for videos. I'm debating on whether to use it.