Dev/Testing Raspberry Pi and NESDR Mini 2


I have two identical Raspberry Pi/Nooelec dongle sets. Shouldn't I be able to make an image of the SD card on one (running PiAware with few mods) and have it work in the second unit? I have taken precautions regarding hostnames and IP addresses by being sure the source Pi is not running when trying to start up the second set. My plan was to make a development system where I would test things, then move to the "production" unit. So far, I have not been able to make that work. I know in the micro$soft world there are hardware things tied to the disk, making it impossible to swap boot/OS disks between two machines. My Raspberry Pi devices (0r the SDR dongles) seem to be keeping this sort of swap from working. I think I have tried all permutations of swapping hardware between systems with no luck. It manifests itself as when the dongle is plugged in the Pi continuously reboots at startup. When the Dongle is not plugged in, the system boots fine from the image. It's like the installation captured in the SD image is specific to the SDR dongle. I'm going crazy... Any ideas?
What is the power rating of the adapter ? It should be at least 5V , 1A adapter. If power rating is less , there's possibility to restart when the dongle connected to PI

You Sir are AWESOME. It was the power supply (.7 amps). Actually had the correct one plugged into the power strip, but the wire had fallen on the floor, and I had grabbed the end of another adapter by mistake.... This has probably consumed 20 hours over the past week.... thank you so much.