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Hello folks. I just got approved on this PlaneFinder forum after 2 days; These background checks takes time; Inshallah.

Anyway, I just ported the original Dump1090 by Salvatore Sanfilippo to Windows.
  • added better network support.
  • use WindowsConsole calls instead of ESC codes.
  • dropped anet.c in favour of the Mongoose HTTP-server.
  • plans to use Web-sockets for the Web-interface.
But I'm a n00b when it comes to JavaScript. So if anybody would help with this, my
project is at Github here: https://github.com/gvanem/Dump1090
This is GREAT! Thank you

Tested on Windows10. Works great.

- Downloaded .zip from Github: https://github.com/gvanem/Dump1090/archive/refs/heads/main.zip
- Unzipped downloaded folder
- In unzipped folder, created blank file "run.bat" and added following code in it.
- Double-clicked "run.bat" to run the dump1090.exe

dump1090.exe --interactive --net --net-ro-port 30002 --net-sbs-port 30003





Usage: dump1090.exe [options]
  --aggressive             More CPU for more messages (two bits fixes, ...).
  --debug <flags>          Debug mode (verbose), see README for details.
  --device-index <index>   Select RTL device (default: 0).
  --freq <hz>              Set frequency (default: 1090 Mhz).
  --gain <db>              Set gain (default: AUTO)
  --infile <filename>      Read data from file (use '-' for stdin).
  --interactive            Interactive mode refreshing data on screen.
  --interactive-rows <num> Max number of rows in interactive mode (default: 15).
  --interactive-ttl <sec>  Remove from list if idle for <sec> (default: 60).
  --loop                   With --infile, read the same file in a loop.
  --metric                 Use metric units (meters, km/h, ...).
  --net                    Enable networking.
  --net-only               Enable just networking, no RTL device or file used.
  --net-ro-port <port>     TCP listening port for raw output (default: 30002).
  --net-ri-port <port>     TCP listening port for raw input (default: 30001).
  --net-http-port <port>   HTTP server port (default: 8080).
  --net-sbs-port <port>    TCP listening port for BaseStation format output (default: 30003).
  --no-fix                 Disable single-bits error correction using CRC.
  --no-crc-check           Disable messages with broken CRC (discouraged).
  --onlyaddr               Show only ICAO addresses (testing purposes).
  --rate <hz>              Set sample-rate (default: 2MS/s).
  --raw                    Show only messages with raw hex values.
  --strip <level>          Strip IQ file removing samples below level.
  -h, --help               Show this help.

  Debug mode flags: E = Log frames decoded with errors.
                    D = Log frames decoded with zero errors.
                    c = Log frames with bad CRC.
                    C = Log frames with good CRC.
                    p = Log frames with bad preamble.
                    n = Log network debugging info.
                    N = Log a bit more than network events.
                    j = Log frames to frames.js, loadable by debug.html.
                    G = Log general debugging info.
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> dump1090.exe --interactive --net --net-ro-port 30002 --net-sbs-port 30003

Thanks. That's good news considering I've not tested the --net-sbs-port argument at all.
SBS? Is that's what's called the Beast protocol?
sbs is BaseStation format. Each line starts with "MSG"

Beast I think is NOT available in Antirez (Salvatore Sanfilippo) version, but I am not sure about it.

I am however sure that it is available in Malcolm Rob /mutability/flightaware versions (default port 30005)
--net-bo-port <port>  TCP listening port for beast output (default: 30005).

Its output by dump1090 versions MalcolmRobb/mutability/flightaware is like below:

Beast output from port 30005.png
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I will suggest you fork dump1090-mutability or dump1090-fa and build dump1090.exe from it's source code.
These two use planes like planefinder map.
Antirez & MalcolmRob use embedded web-server, which you have replaced by Mongoose HTTP-server.
The mutability & flightaware forks use external HTTP-server lighttpd.
As you have experience, this should not be a problem to replace external web server lighttpd by embedded Mongoose HTTP-server.

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Just a FYI (and a late response). I've updated my Dump1090 program with a simple Curses interface.
And running it inside Windows Terminal with a nice background image, it looks pretty nice IMHO:

Dump1090 in WT