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    Hi guys, somewhere this has been brought up in the past, on Plane Finder I would see a few flights a week and click on the aircraft and see incorrect departure and destination points, It is a common error we see here in the land of down under, but the competition has it right, It's a bit hard to say to other people "hey Plane finder is great" when there is inconsistent or more so incorrect flight information being displayed on what seems to be getting a more common practice and the other 2 main players seem to have it right.

    Right now a flight took of from Adelaide to Brisbane "Air Ambulance flight AM451" with you guys it shows as a flight from Mexico City to Havana, but on Flight Aware it shows the very same flight but from Adelaide to Brisbane, Air Ambulance flight AM648 Broome to Adelaide with you guys it shows as Mexico City to Los Angeles, we also get the same with the odd RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service) flights as well.
    I have even seen it with the odd commercial flights coming in from Darwin or Alice Springs and completely different departure and destination points displayed, I know it a massive job keeping things going smoothly on a global scale but here to grow in popularity some attention to this issue needs to happen when the other 2 have it right.

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