El Al A345 on August 23 ?

Mike Shulman

New Member
I just joined. I like to track international flights. I am trying to get info on the Aug. 23 ELY flight 7 from TLV. Surprisingly to me, it was listed as an A345. Didn't know ELY even flew such an aircraft. Was it on lease? What is the tail number?
Hello Mike,

The A345 aircraft in question is registered as CS-TFX, as sourced from Plane Finder's aviation database. A link to the aircraft's information can be found at https://planefinder.net/data/aircraft/CS-TFX.

From what I'm looking at, El Al does not fly the A345, and, for flight 7, it has historically been operated by the B744. It does seem as though TFX is on lease. It had previously flown with Norwegian up until the 15th of August before being dispatched on El Al flights.

I hope that this can help with your investigations!