Emergency landing ... on the bridge of a dam


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domingo, 8 de junio de 2014

In the morning on Saturday, a plane that was flying instructional in Brazil, I had to make an emergency landing ... on the dam bridge linking Mairiporã and Franco da Rocha on Juqueri river.


The plane (for the photo, looks like a Piper PA-28) was occupied by an instructor and a student pilot. According to the news it was a test flight, but I guess the chances are that it was a training flight in which they found a problem.

What I find interesting about this article is, first, the apparent folly of attempting an emergency landing on the bridge of a dam as seen in the photo, usually curved, very narrow and with many obstacles from wires to pipes. Not to speak of the possibility of running a little low and crashing hopelessly against an immense wall homigón. I can think of worse place to try. Without hesitation I would have thrown into the water as close as possible to one of the banks (the river is not very wide but not be as plentiful).

But then, the move went well and none of the occupants was seriously injured, but had to close the bridge because the plane began to pour fuel after shooting.

As they say in these cases, congratulations to the winners!

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