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Randolph Gaul

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A sufficiently alarming circumstance that I called Emirates Airlines asking if there was a problem. My girlfriend was on Emirates EK546 from Dubai to Chennai, India. I watched her flight cross India in a nearly due southeast direction at 35,000 ft and a speed of 466 (I think) knots. As it approached Chennai its course, speed and altitude remained the same. As it passed over Chennai (heading out to sea) course, altitude and speed held steady. And it continued in this manner until it apparently went out of range and disappeared! Meanwhile I had called Emirates and was talking to an agent who after some time told me that the plane was on the ground at the airport. Fortunately, what she said turned out to be true. Thus my interest in signing on to this forum....
Thanks for the response. Yeah, I guess the implied question is something like "WTF" But I was also hoping that the people who wrote this program would take note and correct a major glitch so others don't have the same experience.

I BET there's a question hidden in there somewhere...................
Have fun
Hi Randolph
Two points I would make, this programme and those like it are NOT official, they are (I'll call them toys), what appears on here is NOT for a desperately worried relatives or friends to refer to, it's for aircraft enthusiasts.
Second it is a computer program it takes information sent from the aircraft and displays it on the map, if it doesn't get an update from the aircraft it 'extrapolates' (guesses, to you and me) what the next snippet will be and keeps doing so, hence the EK flight going past the destination if no updates are received. (there are loads of reasons the next signal from the aircraft may be not received /transmitted).
Additionally the transmitters that receive the aircraft's transmissions are few & far between in India (they are expensive & were banned until 1/1.5 years ago), so info from the sub-continent is unreliable at best. (I know because I live there half the year)
Assuming worse case scenario, I feel sure Emirates doesn't want people blocking phone lines with unwelcome questions.
:) It must have been boring watching her flight cross India 6 maybe 8 hours :).
Your information is pretty much what my estimate was. The info about how recently India allowed transmitters/receivers however, is of some interest. The flight across India took about two and a half hours. Further, Emirates Airways has no reason to be bored by a report about a possible problem on one of their flights.
Thank You.