End of an Era Airfields


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This is a picture of Filton Airfield near Bristol which has now been shut down. This was where the
Bristol Brabazon was built as was the UK Concorde and in the large buildings in the lower section the wings of the Airbus are manufactured. To the right of the picture at the end of the runway and on the other side of the A38 the five buildings are the Rolls Royce Aero Engine factory. Concorde G-BOAF is to be found here, she was the last Concorde to fly.


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This was Concorde G-BOAF's final flight before she touched down at Filton Airfield for the final time.
Great shots there and lots of memories. I live close to what was RAF Lyneham which closed down as an active airfield almost three years ago. It was home to the RAF's C-130 fleet but would also play host to many exotic visitors from foreign air forces. I clearly recall as a lad seeing Comets and Britannias calling in regularly, this would have been late 60s/early 70s. The Comet gate guard has now been moved to the Boscombe Aviation Museum at Old Sarum, all that remains of her is the front 15 feet of fuselage and her nose wheel, propped up on a stack of pallets. Tragic when you think about it. Lyneham would make a superb provincial airport for the south.