Feed Plane Finder from Virtual Radar Server?

Discussion in 'Plane Finder' started by Radiosutch, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Radiosutch

    Radiosutch New Member

    For comparison purposes I would like to feed PF from my VRS server. I don't want to use the dedicated PF client. My VRS is fed by two receivers on different antennas with different polar diagrams. This is why I want to try VRS. I don't know the IP address or port for PF to try it.
  2. Gary M

    Gary M New Member

    I feed data to PF via my VRS server but you do need to have PF client to do it, I asked this some time back and it was the only one of 2 ways to get data to them and the reasoning why, I'll try to find the old reply and paste it up.
    I also have 2 receivers in a setup similar way as you described as well and send data to PF with both combined as one receiver and sent through to PF client.
  3. Lee Armstrong

    Lee Armstrong Administrator Staff Member

    Hello both,

    Please do not feed a "combined" feed from VRS to our client. Our systems can and will detect a feed like this and can disable it. The reason for this is that we want to see the raw data for integrity checking as other software can have different rules for handling error corrected data than us.

    Any questions just drop and email to support!

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