First Airbus A350 XWB Rollout

Devendra Kulkarni

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Painting of the first A350 XWB “MSN001” was today fully completed as it emerged in its Airbus livery out from the paintshop in Toulouse. This latest Milestone shows that MSN001 is progressing well on its route to first flight


The aircraft painting was achieved in less than seven days and follows the recent completion of MSN001’s flight-test-instrumentation (FTI) verification. Last month the aircraft underwent its engines installation, and passed a subsequent intensive phase of ground vibration tests. MSN001 will soon start the final tests before its maiden flight this summer. - Airbus
Wow! Hopefully the A350 XWB will be flying soon. Do you know how many orders there are for this plane. I'm sure it will be very popular. If it operates here in Adelaide, I hope I can get some shots! ;)
Hi Shine, I think that there are 616 on order! Not sure any are going to Airlines operating from Adelaide though :( Mark
Hey Mark,

Did you know that Adelaide Airport is apparently looking to get more international airlines to operate there. Some include: China Southern Airways, Thai Airways International, Garunda Indonesia, Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia X, Scoot, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways. Perhaps those airlines might send an A350 WXB here when they start operating to and from Adelaide. ;) Anyway I'm sure that the area around Portsmouth will be teeming with A350's very soon! :)
Good luck Airbus! :D


Read this today, no reason to assume it's wrong...................
Airbus has confirmed that first flight of Airbus A350 is planned for Friday morning 10:00 CET in Toulouse, France.
Have fun