Very nice project, I have it running in the following setup: webserver (nginx on Linux Fedora) at a colo at the AMS-IX datacenter Amsterdam, connecting to my raspberry pi at home (Rotterdam NL). In that setup I've only the low bandwith datastream to my server wich can handle enough connections to the site. You'll find it at http://flightinfo.linuxpro.nl

Like to add more dump1090 sources to display more flights. I use dump1090 with a outdoor antenna (5Db gain) colinear type. If you like to share your data , this can be two ways, either you insert data into my MySQL database or simply allow me to pull data from your ip at a given port.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh godddddddd, gooddddddd i seeee thanks for you discussion, i you talk to me this is my teamspeak3 ts.piro.biz, no pass

I will like to install FlightAirMap on a Raspberry Pi 3. I searched google but cannot find the instructions, tutorial or steps to follow to install FlightAirMap. Github instructions is vague and not clear. Those who already installed succesfull on an RPI can please tell me the steps briefly. Thanks.