Floating Local IP Messing with VRS


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I have a legacy feeder that contains a Puck and a PF-133. The dhcp assigns a different local IP for this receiver upon starting or restarting.

VRS requires a fixed local IP to connect so the receiver feed is lost until a human through trial and error discovers the new local IP.
Flight Aware exhibits the same behavior but the FR24 beast does not.

The FR24 receiver allows the user to set a fixed static local IP in the software/firmware regardless of power on and off.

I have a FIBR modem/router that has just one working data port so i have to use a gigabyte duplex switch to plug the server and receivers in to and then connect that into the modem/router.

The Client Version 3.7.1 always list the receiver at even though it is never at that local IP. Like wise the Private statistics web page points back to the server rather than to the receiver which has never worked for me.

Unless some scanning feature is built in to determine what IP is connected to either port 30053 or 30054 the Client is worthless to multiple receiver users.



The client is installed on the BBB (PF-133) and I can see a the moment that you have also installed it onto a Windows PC with the same share code?

Our Plane Finder client shouldn't be installed twice and in fact if you look at the log viewer on either the PC http://<PC-IP>:30053 or the BBB http://<BBB-IP>:30053 it will be complaining about being installed twice.

I would suggest dropping an email to [email protected] and we can work out what is what. Essentially the Puck should be attached to the BBB which is where the client is installed. No software is needed on your Windows PC and should be uninstalled as this is what is causing some of your issues.

As for the IP on the BBB, we don't allow static IP addressing but you can always specify a DHCP reservation on your router and I know a lot of people that do this already. This way the IP won't change and then software like VRS can use the reserved IP to connect to.
Lee, thank you for enlightening us flightfeeders that it not necessary to download a client because it resides in the receiver. Uninstalling the downloaded PC or whatever client will restore functionality to the PF receivers client even though the configuration is locked.

For the matter of the floating local ip for the receiver, several modem/routers that I have used in the past have allowed assigning mac addresses to local IPs. Sadly ISPs supplying FIBR don't allow this functionality in most cases. But.....

The PF page with your Private data lists the local IP which will work for VRS...no more trial and error in VRS trying to find the current local IP.

Many thanks again