Frequency of communications with

I have a question about the frequency with which my RPi pfclient communicates with It appears to be doing this every 10 seconds, or at least hitting the DNS every 10 seconds. Is this high frequency necessary, and is it adjustable? If so, how?

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Lee Armstrong

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Hello Andreas,

No it is not configurable at all and the client at the moment uploads to our servers every 10 seconds. The reason you are seeing the frequent DNS queries is we have a low TTL set on that hostname in case of any changes that need to be made quickly.

We frequently benchmark our clients bandwidth use against others and we are consistently low compared to those.

That said some changes are coming later this year that will reduce the DNS queries and also bandwidth as well for a lot of users.

Hope that helps!

Hello Lee,

Thanks a lot; that's very helpful, yes. I just wanted to make sure that this was an intentional behaviour, as none of the (six) other feeds that I run from the same RPi hit the DNS at such a high rate. I noticed it simply because I recently installed Pi-hole and have noted that pfclient is saturating my DNS traffic logs.

Over time, I have noted with appreciation the low overall pfclient bandwidth, however. Thanks very much for that.

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Lee Armstrong

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No trouble at all. I do know other clients hammer DNS as well but you will see that to different hosts instead of the singular one.

DNS queries whilst frequent shouldn't actually consume that much bandwidth though.

Glad you appreciate the bandwidth usage being low, let's hope we can continue to reduce that further!