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I noted a new feature on Map view-settings, where there is a possibility to drag and drop a .geojson file onto the marked place (to make the usage comfortable).
It is a great idea to have a custom layer for marking the airports, so I downloaded it from Oracle Analytics Library. (see the attachment)

I tried to drop the file to the marked place but nothing happened. Not even an error message popped.


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Hi Janos,

It seems the GeoJSON file you're using consists of Point geometry, whereas the the GeoJSON functionality currently only supports Line/MultiLine/Polygon/MultiPolygon geometry. We'd like to expand this in the future (although I can't promise a timeline) and I will certainly make a note of this use-case going forward.
Hi Nial,

Thank you for the precise answer. :)

As a user, I don’t really need to get a web interface that includes the latest technology for customization - as long as the features already built in are sufficient.
I guess, not everyone thinks the same way, but - for me - the directly available geojson option isn’t so important. If it works invisibly in the background (under the hood), it can also be a good solution.
If there was a map version that also displayed airports in the current offer, - or a layer that could be turned on - I wouldn’t have tried the geojson feature mentioned.

Keep it simple! :)

Best regards,
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