Google Maps error in Plane Finder Client


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I keep experiencing an error when using Google Maps in the Plane Finder Client. The error message is 'This page can't load Google Maps correctly' A darkened map appears with 'For development purposes only' written across it. Is this problem unique to me or a system error? Is there any way to overcome it?

Many thanks

Thanks Lee, however, I'm running Windows 7 64 bit on my PC and the latest client won't run on this. The map isn't a big problem, I just wondered if there was a way around it.


Wow, Windows 7 is knocking on a bit now! The latest client I think from memory is Windows 8 and up.

And sorry there is no way around it. At some point also we will stop ingesting data from older clients as well :(

Depending on your receiver you might be better off purchasing a Raspberry Pi like device to just run your receiver.