GPS Issues after client update

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Amit Ranjan

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My GPS is unable to Lock on the GPS since Client software was updated on one of my Boxes. The location of the GPS's have not changed and still they are unable to lock on. The light is flashing blue and GPS survey stuck on 1 percent. I have tried changing position of the GPS receivers nbut that does not seem to fix the issue. HELP !
Changed positions once again. Still no GPS Lock. Have done a Power Cycle already. Funny part is those antennas were at the same place for the entire month. One of my boxes has the old client and the other one has the new one. Both are flashing blue saying acquiring satellites. One of them is stuck at GPS survey 1 Percent.
Why are there 2 Plane Finder Radar boxes at the same location?

I suspect the GPS antenna location is not good enough to get a lock.
The other Box is just temporary at the current location. I am changing the location on the 17th to a location where Plane finder does not have coverage.
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The antenna had a full lock for the last 10 hours and now suddenly its flashing blue again.
That suggests bad placement and so it can only see a fraction of the sky. The antenna really needs uninterrupted views of the sky in almost 360 degrees.

As this is a Plane Finder Radar the questions should be directed at support and I believe you have been dealing with Mark already?
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