"GS code text file" is wanted for making dumpVDL2 output more readable

Hello guys,

Have you got a pre-filled text file for transforming the decoded hex code of the ground stations to ICAO, IATA, or friendly name with country code?

dumpVDL2 already translates AC code from a basestation database - as you can see in "ac info" line. I need a solution for ground stations too.

GS code file would be loaded into memory at start, to make ground stations readable also for human eyes. :)

required format:
hex_address [airport_icao_code ground_station_details] [ground_station_location]

29E0C5 [EDDB Berlin Schonefeld DE] [Berlin Schonefeld]

Any help is appreciated




--> Directory of an installed Multipsk contains the needed list in the file "VDL2_Ground_Stations.txt".
...it can be used also for dumpVDL2 without changing the structure of contained text.

Here is the new output: :)
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