Hail destroys the trunk......


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Hail destroys the trunk of an Air France plane in flight


So I remain an A330 of Air Europe, he got 25 thousand feet in the storm, hail left windshield and nose destroyed. (@ricardocirielli).

The storm not only hit hard at the City and the metropolitan area: also caused hail left serious damage to the front of a corporate jet Air Europa, despite the scare, managed to land at the international airport of Ezeiza. The flight had left Madrid, Spain, with 230 passengers.

The impact was so strong that the Secretary General of the Association of Aviation Technicians, Ricardo Cirielli, soon post a photo of the aircraft on his Twitter account. "This was an A330 of Air Europa, 25 thousand feet got into the storm. Hail left windshield and nose destroyed," tweeted the unionist.

Matías Pardo (MatiassPardo) also rose to the social network of a comment A330-200 and described a climate of tension among the passengers. "High recognition of the pilots of flight UX041AirEuropa Madrid-Ezeiza tremendous landing", it was downloaded.

Finally, the ship could land but with a broken windshield. The company confirmed that it will be replaced by another and the return flight was already scheduled for 2 am tomorrow.