Has anyone seen one of these yet?

I saw something similar a few years ago. I was looking at the moon with binoculars and this triangle craft flew from west to east,
right across the face of the moon. It could be seen clearly with the moon in the background,
but when it got past, it was invisible. No running lights at all. It was kinda a chevron shape.
Reminded me of a Zagi RC glider, without the wingtip stabs.
Wow, my memory is bad.. I just looked up my report. That was back in 2002.


I read the story of the new Triangle planes a while back.. This blog contains a lot of the details.

The same fellow wrote this blog about a mystery plume seen on weather radar.

Guesswork says these events were deliberate acts to 'accidentally' expose new high tech weapons to the media.
At the time, the Russians were just starting to act up.. And these media events were meant to send a message to Russians..

Maybe they didn't read the US news?? :(
Definitely not secret then, haha. Thank you for the links! I'll absolutely dig further into this blog.
Semi-secret? Everyone knows about it, with the exception of the American taxpayers, who own those planes.. ;)

That blogger is a hi-tech plane spotter and some of his posts are fascinating.