Hello & query re android app


New Member
Hi everyone. I'm a new member. On the recommendation of my brother-in-law, I downloaded Planefinder to my laptop & enjoyed it so much that I tried to download the android app several times to my phone. The download failed to arrive from Google Play Store. In the app download site, the only available device (my phone) is shown as "EE Samsung GT-S5830". That is my phone but I'm wondering if "EE" refers to the EE network, and that the download will only work on that network (I'm with Virgin mobile). Is this the case, or is there some other reason why the download failed to arrive
Hi Mark,
Thanks for getting back to me. It has been resolved. The problem was that the Google Play app had disappeared from my phone. Once I re-installed it, the Planefinder app loaded successfully & I'm now enjoying using it.
Sincere apologies for not updating my post to reflect this.