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Good morning,
Not sure if this is the correct place but would just like to say hello.
I'm 71 years young and a keen aircraft watcher (mostly Military) but unfortunately there is not a lot around at the moment, as you all know,
I have a Raspberry pi in the loft with a Flight Aware (FA) dongle and filter and keep it running 24/7 for anyone that want's to look at it and it should be sharing with PF as I write this.
I have changed my monitoring computer to a Windows one, I found the PF program running very clunky and slow on linux (probably my pi), on this subject can anyone point me to the right place to check my uploads, I've upgraded PF Client but that has not helped, I don't know if I am just not uploading through lack of aircraft or my setup is not correct.
Thanks, look forward to hearing from you.
Stay safe, Stay well.