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Hi all,
I have had a small problem with my pi going into meltdown and had to order another one, which came late yesterday evening instead of mid morning but that aside I have been going round in circles all last night and since the pi arrived today to try to get it sorted to be my uploader.
I have dump1090 running on it ok I can view it in the cmd box ok but I can't seem to get around the IP address having changed, I have been all over PF's website and the pi, to no avail, I then tried the router to see if I could allocate it the same ip address to cut out the searching on line then I could relax a bit and have a good look round and get to know it better but the router thought different and now I have given up.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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Log into your router and give your new Pi a static IP address, normally it'll ask (populate) the mac address, then log in using the new IP address with what ever port number it uses at the end......
Hello Datastream,
I have already done that, everything I have, security cameras, phones, other computers etc. I always give it a static address.
I am having problems with dump1090 (something that has never been any trouble up to now) I'm making a new SD card to go back to as it was instead of using mutability, so I'll get that done first and see what happens.
Are you running dump1090? and are you using a raspberry pi? Lite or with a desktop?
Thanks again, I appreciate your response.
Rasp Pi 4, with 2020-02-13-raspbian-buster.

I have installed

Dump1090-Mutability (and probably 1090 LOL)
Flight radar

anyway, had loads of issues, but that was my fault, anyway, someone gave me a link and it had an automate script on it that I run and it done ALL the settings for everything.

Well not everything....

  • automatically reconfigures fr24feed (if installed)
  • fixes read-only problem with pi24 image
  • installs readsb
  • makes it possible to change gain without editing a file
  • configure location easily

If there's any copy of any setting that you want/need fire away.

dump1090 is outdated now, but I'm a super n00b so have no

Once you gave it a static ip address what happened? could you ping it?
Hi Datastream,
You've certainly got a lot going on there, I didn't ping it no but more than that I can't seem to get dump1090 nor mutability installed on my pi, I've done it loads of times without any problems, I've even gone back to Stretch which is what I was using at Plane Plotter for years and still can't get it to install properly.
I use David Taylors website all the time for it but still nada, I did notice just now that it still has a couple of PP files in the programing but even deleting those made no difference.
I will probably get back to you later if that is OK for the mean time many thanks for your help, I'll keep plugging at dump1090 and maybe find a different source to download it, if there is one they seem to all read the same.
Thanks again Buddy.