Help requested for PFR map view/interface

Jerry SE18

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I expect Lee will jump on this one as he has been helpful previously :)

So I received my PFR box this morning and set it up easily enough, I have even managed to set it up with VRS and added a rebroadcast server to feed ADSB-Hub. I even got as far as adding another rebroadcast server for FR24 but their client keeps crashing (another story) I am hoping to get my SBS-3 and Basestation up and running again sharing my active antenna, I just need to wait for the extra cabling to arrive.

I have a couple of questions about the views in the map.html interface:-

- Blue planes I am assuming are MLAT positions?
- When clicking an aircraft on the map the information displayed is fairly sparse compared to the website info. missing routes, AC type/model, that kind of stuff that us anoraks like to see :) - Are there any plans to add this stuff to the PFR client?
- One last question is there a way to see my data on the website? I an sure it can be done as I have seen others link to their data.

Regards J
Hi Jerry,
  • Yes the blue planes are the MLAT results you have helped contribute to
  • There is actually more info than the website at the moment ;-)
  • This is actually in testing at the moment and will include type, reg and route if we have it. I can see this being released in the next few weeks and the good news is that the PFRadar units auto update!
  • We have the sharing site that you can use your share code on to see your stats but you can't see your traffic on a map.
Why would you want to share to someone else especially if it crashes ;-)
Cheers for the answers Lee, I am going to have to take issue with one of them though :)

There is actually more info than the website at the moment ;-)

The fly out box that opens on the left on the website when you click an aircraft has far more interesting detail than the client does when you click the same aircraft. But as you have said this may be added in the next few weeks. Now that is an update to look forward to :)

Incidentally, the number of positionless reports has dropped remarkably since switching over to the PFR box