Help Wanted


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I have just joined this group although it is beyond my basic interest. I am looking to find the planes that I have flown on - very few.
Can this group help or point me in the right direction to enable me to find the info? These flights were taken in 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 & 2003 all from Gatwick. I have the dates and times and some flight No? e.g. JMC954, TCX713 etc and destinations.
I did e-mail admin but have heard nothing back.
Hoping someone out there can help. Thanks
JMC954, no results
TCX713, there is a number missing, TCX713 (there are nine of them TCX7132-TCX7139?), which one of them?.
Looks like those number you posted no longer exist or changed?.

You can do this search yourself, if you have the correct flight no and or N-number (tail number), you can type in it in the search bar of plane finder or another tracking site like flight aware24!.

You can see current plane information, if you want old history, paid subscription to plane finder may be useful, check with them if they can help you.
To my knowledge, airplane Mode S tracking at hobbyist-level became possible with the advent of the Kinetic SBS-1 receiver in 2005 (pls correct me if I 'm wrong) . The requirement to operate a Mode S transponder in all aircraft (except gliders) flying within Class A to C controlled airspace became effective as of 1 Oct. 2009. Tracing flights/planes before 2005 won't be easy.