Thank you.
I've been enjoying seeing your data here :eek:)
I'm sure that many others have too!

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 21.02.41.png
i it make me happy that i am the first one who where the Data directly from all plane who land in vienna here.
but it would be better in october i fly to tokio and i have wifi onboard. So i cant take my Yagi into the plane but i will use my small cute 900mhz GSM Antenna for.
I will send all data home via a VPN Tunnel and PP share the data here. And will share the Data via Google Maps.
Maybe i can extend the range for a short time.
Makes us happy too - we hadn't seen planes on the ground in Vienna before!
Coverage around the airport is good.

Tokyo will be exciting I am sure. I am yet to travel on a plane with Wifi!
It will be very interesting to see your data from there too later in the year.

Thank you for supporting Plane Finder.

If you need any of our apps please let me me know too.
i need only help to improve my coverage.
Some people share there Mode-S Date via RTL1090 to me and i compare it in PP.
I will buy some more Yagi Antenna to see more "down" and "left". My huge problem i live on one side of the hill and you can believe on witch side? He is exactly behind me (Top) so i cant much more data from.
Does planefinder hide some (Mil) Planes?
I can guess where the hill is!!

We do indeed filter some military aircraft on the website or apps as we do not think it wise to display such information publicly.
Not many broadcast positional information as you have probably noticed on your own equipment.

Good luck with your Yagi tests. I'll be interested to hear (and see!) what difference this makes.