Historical Flight Playbacks, more than a year ago


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Hi everyone, new to this website and to researching flights, and have some newbie questions:

I'm interested in viewing the flight playbacks/flight history of certain aircraft on specific dates more than a year ago. When I go to the database tab, and search for the plane by its registration number/icao 6 digit number to pull up its summary page, I can view playbacks/history only from the past month or two, and a link to the "first tracked" flight (often, many years ago).

1) Is it possible to view a history of flights/flight playbacks that is more complete, specifically, history that goes at least a year and a half or two years back?
2) If not, are there paid sites that provide this historical data?
3) If not, does anyone know of US, non-US, or international agencies archive such data/ to whom a public records request for specific planes' flight history on specific dates more than a year ago would have to be directed?

Thanks in advance for any insights/assistance you might have!
Would it be possible to recover the data for this flight, please?

I'm interested in the hex, as it's USAF T-38C 65-0403 which can be added to the database.