Home network failed

Richard Lee

Half of my home network LAN failed today due to a bad ethernet router.
I'm not able to link the PlaneFinder system to the internet.

I plan to replace my entire home network to a Mesh network, using an Orbi RBK50 system.
Depending on delievely date, the Mesh system should be installed within a week.
Richard Lee
Hi Richard,
Thank you for letting us know about this.
Hope that the mesh install goes smoothly.
Best regards,

Mark Daniels
Thanks Mark,
The owner has promised to install his newer Mesh system this weekend.
I should be able to pick up the old RBK50 & RNS50 satellites nodes by Sunday and get it installed.
It looks very easy to install, I'll just need to re-install all the smart-home hardware!
Sounds good, not sure if viable for you but but if the old wifi is going you could set up the new network with the same network name and password so that everything connects as before.
The problem is: besides the main Fios router, I have two other old dual-band APs. (wallwart wifi extenders?)
APs with different names that I used to extend the range of the Fios router.

Not a problem for the FP radio, since it will plug right into one of the new-to-me RNS50 satellites.
They each have 4 Ethernet sockets.
You did give me an idea. For temporary use, I could plug in those two old wall-wart WiFi extenders into a couple of the RNS50 satellites Ethernet sockets. They would be on the local network, doing what they have always done.
Then, I could have my smart-home junk running, while I slowly re-install each device over to the new Mesh.
The Mesh network is not too stable just yet. I noticed some error info in the log.
It seems like it's trying to do MLAT. I Got a GPS antenna with the new radio, but didn't want to add more antenna hardware for MLAT. So, are these Failures normal or not?
Thanks, Rich
2024-05-25 02:16:16.516654 [V] mbedtls_net_connect returned -682024-05-25 02:16:13.507352 [V] Attempting TLS: mlat1.planefinder.net2024-05-25 02:16:07.507143 [V] Failed to connect to MLAT server: mlat1.planefinder.net2024-05-25 02:16:07.506873 [V] mbedtls_net_connect returned -682024-05-25 02:16:04.497308 [V] Attempting TLS: mlat1.planefinder.net2024-05-25 02:15:58.497084 [V] Failed to connect to MLAT server: mlat1.planefinder.net2024-05-25 02:15:58.496702 [V] mbedtls_net_connect returned -682024-05-25 02:15:55.487198 [V] Attempting TLS: mlat1.planefinder.net2024-05-25 02:15:48.486987 [V] Failed to connect to MLAT server: mlat1.planefinder.net