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I changed some things on my server so everything is now forced to https. Now I can't connect from the outside to the webserver on the computer running pfclient because its "not secure". Any ideas on how make the webserver at least pretend to be secure?
$ pfclient -v
2019-03-09 08:19:24.653544 [-] PF Client version: 4.1.1
I changed some things on my server so everything is now forced to https.
Maybe just don't do that.

If you want to use https, just make yourself a bookmark with https in the address and then you have no need to force it on.
Further investigation shows that the problem is Firefox, on the laptop which now converts it all to https. Firefox on the Android device is not converting the address to https so I get to see my data.
A bookmark with https in the address makes no difference at all, if https is in the address, Firefox says that it is not showing the page.
It would be best if the pfclient could deal with https, as this would be a long term solution.
Did you install an addon that is forcing https?

Also i'm curious what you changed server side that you suspected this was causing https to be forced?

How does the address you type into the browser look like? (For example if you do some shenanigans like using a hostname with .dev as top level domain then firefox and chrome will force https on you.)

A page on a local webserver having to install some certificate is much more trouble than it is worth. So i really doubt the local planefinder page will be https any time soon if ever.
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If you need SSL you will need to install something like Nginx yourself and have that being a reverse proxy to our http web server.

That said you should be able to access over http just fine.