I have two Planefinders, one has updated, the other hasn't...


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As per the subject really, I have two systems which I built at the same time and should therefore be pretty much identical.

One of them has somehow, magically updated itself to 4.1.1 (I'm quite sure I didn't do this, I don't look at them for months and months at a time) but the other is showing 3.7.20. If I'd done it manually, I'm sure I wouldn't have done one but not the other.

Both are running on Raspberry Pi3s and both are working well. I rather like the look of the map on the system with 4.1.1 compared to the older one.

Assuming that one system has automatically updated and the other hasn't, is there anything I should be looking at to see why it hasn't updated and is there a manual process I can run to update it without having to change any settings again afterwards?


You can simply follow the install instructions again on the Pi to "upgrade" the client.

Alternatively get in touch with [email protected] and we can push an update out to the other one for you.

Hi Lee,
Being relatively technically minded, is there anything I can check on the Pi to see why it's not updated?
If I re-run the install instructions, will it overwrite any configuration?
The client log on the WebUI is the place to look but if we haven't pushed out an update then it won't have tried.

Installing the new version won't overwrite the config at all.