Incorrect Plane Finder Flight Distance Route Bar (Km)

Shine Wang

Hi Pinkfroot & Plane Finder Team,

I use Plane Finder often but I use the metric system on Plane Finder to look at the flight details. I love the new flight mileage bar function which has been included in the fantastic update to Plane Finder but I have noticed that on the website, the distance numbers for kilometers on the route bar that appear when you select a plane is incorrect/inaccurate and can be confusing. :confused:


After analyzing the data on both miles and kilometers, I have noticed that the information which is displayed when 'miles' is selected in the 'distances' part of 'units' is correct but the 'kilometers' information is not correct. I tried to convert the mile numbers to kilometers but the answer I got was completely different to the one that is displayed on Plane Finder. The number which is shown on the flight information of the aircraft on Plane Finder falls too short for the actual distance. Please check the screenshots carefully.



The total distance for QF585 from Adelaide Intl to Perth Intl shown on Plane Finder shows that the total distance to be 401km, but according to my calculations, the total distance number should be something that is close to 2116km. If I convert the 1315 miles (shown in screenshot above) into kilometers, the answer should be 2116km. There is nothing wrong with miles - it is only the kilometers which is causing problems.



In this example, the total 221km from Adelaide to Sydney should equal 1166km if I convert 724 miles to kilometers.



It isn't just in Australia, it is affecting all the details of aircraft flying globally. The 1477km :confused: of LH721 should be 7797km if the correct 4845 miles is converted into kilometers. It can look like a big difference and make it hard to believe sometimes!

I think it would be wise to look through the data details in each of the flight details and make a few changes accordingly! If there is something that I have misunderstood, please don't hesitate to reply to this thread!

Congratulations with the successful revamp of Plane Finder though!

Thanks and Good Luck! ;)

Shine Wang :D
Dear Pinkfroot & Plane Finder Team,

I realised a few days ago that the flight mileage bar issue with kilometres has been corrected. The incorrect numbers that were displayed when the kilometre selection was selected have been changed and now all flight information is correct.


The mileage bar that appears in the flight details of a flight are now accurate. The previous incorrect distance of 221km has now been corrected to show 1165km.

Thank you very much to the team at Pinkfroot and Plane Finder for resolving this issue. This correction has made the flight data much more reliable and accurate.

Kind Regards, :)

Shine Wang :D