Chris VE3ZO

New Member
Hello All

I'm new to the group and just became a planefinder data provider using equipment that was provided to me by Mark. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this.

I live in Windsor, Ontario and have several airports around me and one Air National Guard base.

I"m an amateur radio operator and enjoy spotting and monitoring aircraft.
So that is all, I just wanted to get myself out there..I hope to learn alot from this forum, Thanks for taking the time read this

Hi Chris,

Welcome to Plane Finder Forum! I hope that you enjoy using this site as much as I do.
Please browse through the threads and post your views. I think that you will indeed learn a lot from this forum.

Good Luck, ;)

Shine :D
I am a new member.
I have spoken to you at random. I can find no way of making a post or starting a conversation. Help please. How do I get plane finder on to my laptop. I do not have a smart phone, i-pad or android
Thanks. David Mills.