IP blocked


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For 2-3 days now I cannot send data to pfclient-upload.planefinder.net ( from my home. I get a TCP timeout.
When I try to connect to the webserver pfclient-upload.planefinder.net ( from a different IP, it works. At least I get a response back from the webserver. Also the server pfclient-upload.planefinder.net does not reply on ping requests. Where from a different server it does.

So I conclude that my IP is blocked / firewalled.

I have send an email about this to [email protected] 2 days ago, but still no response. I filled in the webform at https://planefinder.net/about/contact and got a response from pinkfroot.com with a rather strange response which is not clear to me.

So if planefinder.net wants my feeder data, they should unblock my IP. For privacy reasons I will not post my IP here.
How can this be fixed?
Ok, apparently planefinder does not want to receive data from machines which also run a TOR node. This is stupid and shortsighted. As I do not run an exit node, you will never get TOR traffic from my IP. So planefinder makes a big mistake

So, if planefinder want my feeder data, they should stop blocking me... if not, it is the end for me with planefinder.