is there an option for metric data in the client?


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Owing to changes at a major online mapping provider, I have switched from using my dump1090 web page to the planefinder web page as my usual viewing option. My client is 4.1.1 armhf.
If I turn on "Range Rings" there is no scale. I think each ring is "50 miles" but it could be any distance, any value. I don't use imperial measures - they went out of use here in 1974. Is there an option for metric? I am used to seeing how many metres high a plane is, how many km away it is, and how many km/h it is travelling. I note that the air temp and barometer readings are metric.

Lee Armstrong

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Correct they are 50 miles and at the moment there are no settings to change that.

The values from the aircraft are as broadcast which is why you see ft, kts and a few others all mixed up.

We’ll look at adding metric conversions in the future.