Is there any way I can find out what happened to a plane that didn´t fly for several days?


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Hi All
I'm fighting with an airline at the moment who are refusing to pay compensation following a 7½ hour delay. They claim "extraordinary circumstances" and cite the weather, but I was interested that when we checked in at Heathrow, we were told "operational issues". Sure, there were issues with the weather, but tracking the flight of the plane that should have come to London, I've found something that supports the operational issues statement.....

We should have taken Vueling flight VY7101 from London Heathrow (LHR) to A Coruña (LCG) on 14th February. Flight times were 17.35 hours departure and 20.30 hours arrival. In fact, we left London at 00.42 hours and were diverted to Santiago de Compostela (SCQ), landing at 03.26 hours. We then travelled by bus to Coruña, getting there at 05.00 hours!!

The plane we should have taken normally goes first from Coruña to Seville, then back to Coruña (Flights VY1298 & 1299 respectively). The aircraft shown has the serial number EC-HQL. Mysteriously, it disappears after the second flight and doesn´t enter service again until VY1002 on 17th February. Vueling had to bring an empty flight from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela on 14th (serial number EC-JYX) in order to bring passengers to London on VY7100. The flight should have originated from Coruña but left from SCQ due to the weather conditions.

My fight is that although weather conditions were in play on the day, the flight we SHOULD have come to Spain on actually landed in Coruña on time but was then taken out of service, meaning that operational issues were the real reason for the delay.

So, back to my original question....I was wondering if anyone knew (or could find out for me) how to find out what happened to EC-HQL after the Seville flight and why it was taken out of service. This would help my claim no end. Any help that anyone could give me would be very much appreciated.

I hope this is a good use of this forum? My apologies if it's not and perhaps someone could let me know where i should be posting this message. Thanks one and all.
Hi Lee
Thanks for replying, although with respect, I'd already seen this. It's good to know that I was right though as this is all new to me, so thanks for confirming.
I wondered if it was ever possible to find out WHY a plane went out of service? There were reports that it had been struck by lightning and needed repair and I wondered if it were possible to check?
I'm not aware of any definitive source of such information.
Sometimes it gets out on social media, or is known by local spotter groups, but the airlines don't tend to make this type of data public.