Live Near The Providence Airport But Don't See Many Flights?


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I live near the Providence airport and on one of the sometimes used flight take off paths. Most planes that take off and fly overhead do not show up on plane finder. On occasion they do, when they do it's usually the first couple of early morning flights. Meanwhile, I can view many of the flights to and from Logan in Boston on the planefinder map. Any reason for this issue with Providence flights?

Hi Steveo52,

I can understand the problem that you are currently experiencing with the appearance of aircraft on Plane Finder. There are a number of different possibilities for the reason in why planes that you witness taking off or flying overhead do not show up on Plane Finder.

The most probable reason in why the planes that you are witnessing are not showing up on Plane Finder is that either there is no an ADS-B receiver in your location or the ADS-B receiver in your area is not reliable. By saying that the feed is not reliable, I mean that the person feeding the data to Plane Finder may not have a 24/7 feed and may have feed data to Plane Finder for only short durations a day. This may explain the reason in why you are seeing aircraft on Plane Finder only in the morning.

Another reason may be that the aircraft flying in and out of Providence Airport are not equipped with ADS-B equipment to broadcast its location, flight number, speed, heading and altitude etc. Without the ADS-B on the aircraft, the plane cannot broadcast data which an ADS-B receiver would pick and feed through to Plane Finder servers.

You can find more information on this from here:

Some reasons for why you are seeing aircraft in Logan, Boston is that there is ADS-B coverage there or many of the aircraft flying in and out are ADS-B equipped.

To help solve your problem, could you please tell me the colour in which the aircraft appear in your area on Plane Finder?

I'm looking forward to your reply.

Hope this helps! ;)

Shine Wang :D
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Hi Shine,

Since you replied I have not seen any aircraft that have taken off from the Providence airport. On the colors scheme I'm seeing aircraft appearing in red and orange.

UPDATE Tuesday August 19

Heard 3 flights this morning flying overhead the only one that showed with a red plane icon was a Southwest flight to Chicago. I have seen that one in the past since it's a daily flight, but after seeing that one no others show up on planefinder.
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply.

I just had a look at Green Airport's website and I have seen that many of the aircraft flying in and out of Providence airport are ADS-B equipped. I am more on the side of thinking that the ADS-B coverage around your region is not reliable or there is no coverage at all. Your sighting of a Southwest Airlines aircraft may indicate that there is coverage nearby (out of range) or the coverage is not reliable. Orange aircraft indicate that the data for that specific aircraft is not ADS-B and real time transferred onto the site. Instead, the data is coming from the FAA and this makes the data delayed and unreliable.

Are you interesting in hosting ADS-B equipment for Plane Finder? There are free ADS-B recievers available for people who can provide coverage in a qualifying locations.
More information can be found about this at this link:

Could you please continue your observations and notify me of any other 'red' flights that you see appear near Providence Airport on Plane Finder.
Please don't hesitate if you have any other queries.

All the Best! :D

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