Location Not Working

Slarti Bartfast

New Member
I've just installed Plane Finder on my new S7 and while the application seems to work fine for some reason it is unable to determine my location. Every time I start the app it starts off looking at England and the Augmented Reality isn't functional. Other apps I've installed are able to determine my location fine, it's just seems to be Plane Finder that is unable to determine it.

Any idea what the problem might be?
Go to android settings menu, app settings, plane finder app settings. There should be an option in there to enable location services. That worked for me.
Wonderful, that worked.
Thanks :)

Why does Plane Finder not request that permission when it installs? I even uninstalled it and reinstalled in case I somehow missed it, but no, no mention of it.
Must just be a coding error since most apps ask for necessary permissions. Or, maybe it works in most versions but not marshmallow, who knows.