Lost Planefinder on my PC

Suddenly, I lost Planefinder. I believe my system uses an older Windows 8 but I am unable to upgrade to Windows 10. Planefinder was working fine on my older system. Why was it suddenly removed ?
No I am not a client just trying to see the sircraft which pass near my house. I have IE 10 & never had any problems using Planefinder.

Lee Armstrong

Staff member
We made some improvements to the site that needed us to raise the minimum browser levels to IE11.

Our stats showed us that 0.2% of visitors use IE10.

A solution for you is to download and use Chrome or Firefox.
Thanks I downloaded Chrome as my PC was using IE 10 & suddenly Planefinder stopped working. The site is excellent especially for elderly guys like me who can no longer travel out to airports to spot aircraft. The only drawback since I use Chrome, is a load of pop-up ads which I never got when using IE10; in fact it was working perfectly before.

Lee Armstrong

Staff member
Ok, glad it is working now.

Sorry for dropping IE10 support. If you are on Windows 8 I believe you could upgrade to IE11 but even this browser is only getting security updates now by Microsoft.

We like to push the boundaries with technology. With only 0.2% of our user base on IE10 it was sadly time to drop it as it didn't support some of the stuff we were doing. We also saw that users had a workaround of Chrome or Firefox.